Johannes’ family tree

family tree

This family tree shows Johannes and his parents, together with their parents and siblings.

Erik, Dana and Johannes

Johannes lives in Oakland with his daddy Erik and his mummy Dana. They all love to play dress-up, like in this picture where they are celebrating Dana’s birthday.

Dressed-up family: Troll, shark and gecko.

For Johannes’ fourth birthday they dressed up as troll, shark and gecko.

Dressed-up kids: monster, gecko and astronaut

A monster and an astronaut were also invited to the party.

David and Ruby in front of their house

Johannes’ grandparents David and Ruby also live in northern California. They used to live in a place called Pittsburg, but have now moved to Oakland, much closer to Johannes. 

Grandma and Johannes

Here is Grandma Ruby with Johannes when he was a bit younger.

Swinging over the kiddy-pool

There was so much fun to do in Grandma and Grandpa’s back yard. Such as swinging while at the same time splashing in the pool. In Oakland they get to do other things together.